Banners can be freestanding, projecting, suspended and fastened to fencing or walls with or without a frame. They are versatile and great value for money, ideal for special and sporting events, promotions or temporary display.

At SIGNIT we create all types of banners from building wraps or drapes to mounted banners on stands, which are portable and ideal for use at exhibitions or in retail and sporting locations.

Banners mounted on frames are held flat and can also be projected and double sided, they can be fitted at a wide range of locations. Suspensions systems and banner track further increases their versatility and reduces the risk of damage by weather.

Idea: Large Photographic Prints, Projecting, Track Systems, Frame Systems, Suspending Systems, Full Colour Graphics, Exterior and Interior Options, Free Standing Banners, Mesh Barriers, Building Wraps and Stretched Illuminated Sign Boxes.